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Friday, 15 April 2011

A Taste of  Marion Webb-De Sisto
Author of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy

Samael’s Fall:
The Shekinah stood up and moved in his direction. She observed, "I have offended you. Please let me explain why I withdrew my hands from yours. It was not because I dislike contact with you."
            "That is not necessary, my lady. I understand your feelings. You love Samael and no other being would, or should, attract your interest." He retrieved the emerald from the table and offered it to her: "Here is your green jewel."
                She pushed his hand away, declaring, "I do not wish to keep it with me. I pray you, dear Seriel; let it rest in your home. It brings me too much sadness."
            "As you wish." He placed the emerald back on the table. "Shall I escort you to Inner Chaos? Where do you desire to go?"
"I believe your spiral is the place I should visit. What you have shared has set me wondering about many things."
"Then Seriel's Spiral it shall be." He touched the hilt of his crystal with his right hand and, extending his left hand to Malkura, he told her, "If you are not too aggrieved to do so, then take my hand and I will show you the magic of my light wand."
Without hesitation, she grasped his hand and asked, "What magic will you show me?"
Even as her thought was forming, Seriel was asking his crystal to take them to the spiraling spheres. Instantly, they were there and the Shekinah was looking around in utter astonishment. She exclaimed:
"That is wondrous magic! How did you accomplish such a task?"
            "I did nothing other than to ask my crystal to bring us here. It is an amazing friend. Now, I will take my leave of you. May you remain within our parent's loving thoughts." Seriel attempted to release her hand, but she held on tightly as she told him:
"You have comforted me when I was in the depth of sadness. You also aided Gabriel when he was suffering. The Lord of Sorcery is truly a noble soul and I will cherish a memory of what we have shared while in your home." She gave a gentle smile and, pulling herself close to him for an instant, she thought-whispered, "I withdrew my hands because a strong notion to meld with you had come upon me. I was afraid you might sense my desire. Knowing your feelings about the sanctity of melding, I thought you would consider me to be both shallow and fickle." Malkura released her hold of him and flew deep into the heart of the spiral. Her parting: "May the Source forever bless you!" came back to him as she disappeared between some spheres.
Here's a selection of readers’ comments about Samael’s Fall

"...I felt like I was reading a family history... at once compelling and engrossing..."

"...This is a thought-provoking epoch tale that has everything in it: - adventure, romance, drama, tragedy and warfare. I just couldn't put it down!"

"...Samael's Fall had me hooked from page one..."
"...This book is an excellent read, and I am happy to give it my highest recommendation..."

While Shedim inspected the captives, Samael directed these thoughts to them: “You decided upon leaving my domain without asking for my consent. This has angered me greatly and must not happen again. Perhaps you were misguided into thinking that in this level all is choice as it was within the inner realms. Know now that is not so. I rule Abbadon and when here you will do my bidding.” He paused, and then asked, “What think you, demon?”
“They are not worthy of your pardon, master.”
“Shall we then set an example so that all will remember what I have decreed?”
“Yes, Prince Samael.” The shaitan began moving back toward Mulciber.
“Then choose an angel, Shedim. Show these wayward souls the folly of underestimating my power.” The first archangel sat back down in his ornate chair and folded his wings around his body once more.
The shaitan reached Mulciber and grasped the chain that bound her wings. He pulled her up into a standing position and declared, “I choose this one, master.” Shedim stood as tall as the female angel and was well-able to stare threateningly into her eyes. She looked straight back at him, but there was a hint of apprehension in her expression. The demon leader brought one hand up to her face and slowly dragged a long talon down the side of her cheek. Mulciber winced in pain as a deep claw mark appeared where he had scratched her. A light oozing of essence glistened along the injury line. The shaitan moved his face close to the angel’s cheek and eagerly licked the escaping fluid with his long tongue. He announced:
“This one is definitely my choice. Her essence is truly sweet.” Shedim attempted to lick the wound, again, but the angel pulled back and kicked out at him. In answer to this endeavor, the demon’s long tail uncurled its length from around his leg and quickly wrapped itself about her legs. This forced Mulciber to lose her balance. However, she did not fall because he held her tightly by the arms. Leaning over his victim, Shedim then clawed the metallic tunic away from her shoulder with one hand. He looked toward the first archangel with the eyes that were set in the back of his head and asked:
“Now, master?”
Samael nodded his agreement and Shedim opened his mouth.
And some readers’ comments about Abbadon

"...It is a thick, beautifully edited book which promises a real good read..."
"...Wow! Absolutely no chance of disappointment here!"

"...Marion Webb-De Sisto has created a complete angelic society, just as today's physicists are putting forward the theory that angels created the universe..."

"...Love this one, a fab follow on to Samael's Fall..."

Final Retribution:
For a while the archangel involved himself in daubing colorful designs across a section of the wall. Then in an untouched area an image began to emerge. It was a picture of Manah, wearing her present attire with her loose hair almost cloaking her body and a face of radiant beauty. Samael asked:

“Is it to your liking?”
The angel stared at the image for a short duration, and then replied, “You are obviously well-able to thought-paint, my lord, but I think you are prone to exaggeration. I am not that beautiful.”
“That is how I see you, Angel Manah.” He continued to give his attention to the wall and a second image took form, standing close by the first. It was of him. His tunic was ragged and torn, he was barefoot and his wings looked battered and lifeless. They were not glorious angelic appendages. Even more startling was the face. Its expression was hard and cruel, the mouth was a thin sneering line and the eyes glared hatred. The arms were extended with claw-like hands poised over the angel’s image, as though ready to seize her. Samael added:
“And this is how you see me.”
Manah was lost for a speedy answer and could only eventually state, “You are mistaken, Lord Samael.”
The archangel uttered a sound of disgust and aimed an explosion of multi-colors onto his ugly representation. He then erased the mess with his thoughts, leaving Manah’s likeness standing alone. Samael declared, “I have no further interest in thought-painting and the resting phase is approaching. You cannot sleep in the chair, therefore, lie down with me.”
Standing up the angel replied, “There is a bed in another room on this floor. I can rest there.”
“That was Kokabel’s room. I do not want you to sleep where such a disloyal and ungrateful angel rested.” He leaned over, grasped her arm and gave it a little tug. “Sleep with me, sweet Manah.”
She wanted to refuse, but knew they had already shared their slumbers together so what would one more occasion matter? The seraph was also concerned because the first archangel might try to physically prevent her from going to Kokabel’s room. Such action would cause strain upon the seals of his wounds. Manah agreed, “Very well, my lord, I shall rest with you, but only because I do not want you to get up and try to stop me from going to your consort’s chamber. You must rest.” She climbed onto the lapis bed and sat down at a distance from his right side.
Samael moved close to her, threw several of the cushions onto the floor and spread one wing so that it completely enclosed both her and him. Then he eased them back into a lying down position.
This act of intimacy should have upset her, but she could not deny the sense of protection and warmth that it gave. She was also feeling sleepy and hoped this would be the last occasion in which she had to share a bed with the first archangel.
No thoughts passed between them as they began to relax, but just before she completely succumbed to sleep, Manah was aware of a surprising admission that Lord Samael made. He thought-whispered:
“Pray stay with me, little angel, I am so lonely.”

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