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Monday, 25 March 2013

Clayton Bye

A Warm Welcome to Clayton
Clayton Bye is a writer, editor and publisher. The author of 9 books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and hundreds of reviews, he is about to publish his second anthology of excellent short stories by some great talents from around the world.
The first book, Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road, featured general fiction, while the current offering, The Speed of Dark, is horror, through and through.
Clayton also offers a wide range of writing services, including small business management for writers.


How would you describe the Anthology?
The Speed of Dark consists of 27 strangely different and disturbing, short horror stories by 19 talented authors from around the world.

What makes it unique?
I hand-picked authors who I thought were capable of dropping the constraints of writing "normal" short stories and picking up the gauntlet to provide readers with really different and, most especially, disturbing tales of horror. This is not a book for a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon; no, this book is meant to be read in a dark corner, beneath a single bulb lamp, and it is meant to disturb you deeply. These are stories you will carry with you for some time. Stories like "What about Mom?" and "Jesse's Hair" and "Little Girl Lost." All have the power to change you. And all are literary in nature. I'm not sure you'll find a book like this anywhere else on the market today.

What do you think are its outstanding attributes?
That's easy: the authors. This is a group who stretched themselves. They are a group who were finally allowed to take a story "way out there" and know it would be published. They didn't disappoint. And the really interesting thing? There is still a story for everyone; the stories are as diverse as the authors.

What inspired you to embark on this venture?
A number of things, as is often the case. I have a medical condition that limits me to 10-15 minute work sessions, then I must rest or do something less demanding. Because of this my plan to have a collection of my own short stories to publish by this spring just wasn't viable. But, I thought, I might be able to do an anthology of other authors work. After all, my anthology of the previous year was both an award winner and a critical success. Then, seeing as I had done general fiction the year before, I decided to do horror stories. Being who I am, the stories, of course, would have to be very different in nature. I began contacting authors and the rest, as they say, is history!

What's been the strangest thing that has happened to you, while you have worked on this book?
There are two things, actually. First, after years of trying to break into the Superstore market, Chapters/Indigo has agreed to evaluate my books for placement in their stores. I'm blown away. Second, one of the stories submitted was so visceral, and it affected me so deeply, I actually considered cutting it. This is a big deal. I'm a horror reviewer who has seen it all, except for this story. But thankfully I came to my senses, for this was exactly the kind of story I was hoping for when I began the project. Strange indeed!

In reading your bio, I saw that you are a man of many hats. How do you balance it all?
Balance? That’s a good one. I live and breathe writing and entrepreneurship. They’re the only things that keep me going. You see, I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (can’t walk more than a block), and I'm seriously Bipolar.

On a more useful line of discourse, I’ve always followed a simple philosophy. You make a list of things you want or need to accomplish in a day, beginning with the most difficult and most urgent, then continue on until the day is done. Anything left is put aside until the next day—without thought or remorse. You won’t get more done using any other method, and this one allows you to go to bed satisfied with what you did accomplish. It also allows for balance, as long as you build family and recreational goals into the list. I never complete my list, by the way. There’s more work to do than my lifetime will allow.

What else would you like to tell us?
The most useful thing I can tell any writer is to never forget that writing is writing and business is business. They’re two different things that you must do equally well.
"This [The Speed of Dark] was a horror anthology I was mightily pleased to have read... There is a lot of scope and dimension in these short stories." - Jess Scott, author of To IRAQ and Back
The Speed of Dark is an anthology of short tales of horror by Cynthia Ainworthe, Kenneth Weene, Clayton Bye, Micki Peluso, Mary Firman and more than a dozen other great writers. It's one of those hard-to-put-down books that keeps you up all night reading... and trembling. From the computer generated green terror in Retrovirus, to the dreadful secrets in the cellar in Taking Care of Mother and the unexpected fate of the man in room 627 in Hansom Dove, readers are sure to find that each of these macabre stories will keep them wanting to read one more before, if they dare, turning off the lights. - T.R. Heinan, author of L'immotalité: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen
"In The Speed of Dark I got two things. One was excellent presentation with very good editing, and the other was well-written work that in most cases wasn't overly graphic, but which was interesting, involving and rarely over the top. Much of it was quietly creepy and, therefore, very effective." - Glenda's Bookshelves 


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  1. Clayton, I like your comment about this collection being meant to be read by a "single bulb lamp." That is what horror collection's should be read by. This book has a haunting, disturbing cover, and the stories are equally good and stay with you a long time.

  2. Clayton, I enjoyed this excellent interview. It was intriguing and compelling. Thank you for giving me the honor to participate in this wonderful project.
    Cynthia B Ainsworthe, IPPY Award-winning author

  3. Thanks for having me here today, Megan. The books are already rolling off the presses. It's an exciting time!

  4. Pleasure to host you, Clayton. I'm also excited to be part of this project

  5. An excellent interview and a powerful reason to read the anthology.
    I look forward to to reading the twenty-seven disturbing stories; with a torch under the bedclothes?
    Mike Thomas

  6. I am one of the authors whose work appears in The Speed of Dark so I got to read it ahead of publication. I think it a great read. As for Clayton Bye, he is a delight to work with.

  7. Wow Clayton,

    This sounds like a wonderful accomplishment! I'll have to look for The Speed of Dark on the shelves. Congratulations to all the authors involved!

    Cheers, Sara

  8. Two of my short stories are in Clayton's outstanding anthology. I'm proud to be among such wonderful writers, including Clayton, himself. The book is handsome on the outside and alluring and enticing on the inside with horror tales that will curl your toes, and some that might make you chuckle a bit. Congrats, Clayton for a wonderful endeavor.