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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Penny Estelle

A Warm Welcome to Penny

Hi Megan!  Thank you so much for letting me visit on your blog today.  I truly appreciate it. 

I’d like to talk about my very first romance, Her Cracked Heart.  Up till now, I have written for the middle age/tween kiddos.  I also have a story out that is a contemporary women’s drama.  I’ve toyed with the idea of a romance for some time, but never took that leap. 

I couldn’t sleep one night, and as I lay in bed, listening to my husband snore, an idea came to mind.  As soon as I started playing with it, the whole story just flowed.  I am really excited about it and I hope your readers enjoy the teaser below.  I would say the next step in my writing career would be erotica, but I would probably have to have an affair to see what new things have evolved and my hubby would probably have a problem with that!  Go figure!
Here's the blurb for 'Her Cracked Heart'
Stephanie Warren is a wife, mother, and famous author with a life that others only dream about.  An
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accident turns her world upside down, leaving her cold and emotionless, wanting only privacy and solitude.

Joe Sullivan, a single man who has custody of his six-year old niece, is almost frozen where he stands, when he meets the ice queen on an early morning jog.  One thing leads to another and Stephanie finds her empty shell slowly being replaced with fun, laughter, and passion.
Will she take that leap of faith with a ready-made family or will the ghosts of her past keep her happiness at arm’s length.

 Now A Taste of Penny:
It was a glorious morning. Not a single cloud in a gorgeous blue sky. The air was cold with a bite. Stephanie felt a mixture of clammy hands and queasy stomach. She was almost at Joe’s when she lost her nerve. She turned to leave but was stopped short by a little girl standing directly in front of her, next to a tree stump. Large blue eyes filled the little face. She had long dark hair that somebody had tried to put in a ponytail, but had done a poor job of it.
“Hi,” Stephanie said.
There was no reply. The little girl just smiled, staring. Taking a closer look, Stephanie felt a stab of disappointment when she noticed just how much this child resembled Joe. It never entered her mind that Joe might be married and have a family to boot. “Dear God,” she thought, "let me get out of here before he sees me!”
No such luck.
“I thought it was you out here,” Joe yelled as he hurried over.
“Well, I, uhm, I was just jogging by.” L A M E!
Joe casually put his arm around the little girl. “I see you’ve met Kelly.”
“Well, no, actually I haven’t. I was just about to introduce myself.” She felt like the world’s biggest fool. “This is your daughter?”
Joe kneeled in front of the little girl. “Kelly, this is Stephanie Warren. She lives down the way.” Another smile, but no words.
He stood and said, “Kelly’s my niece.”

Great hook, Penny. I wish you huge success with 'Her Cracked Heart'.
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  1. Pleasure to host you today, Penny!

  2. Hey, Penny, great blurb and I loved the excerpt. Definitely caught my attention. Good luck with this.

  3. Thanks everybody for stopping by. I sure appreciate the comments. Megan, you are a gracious hostess and I thank you kindly for having me!