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Monday, 16 September 2013

Craig L Andrews

A Warm Welcome to Craig
Craig L. Andrews is eclectic when it comes to writing genre, connecting creative wires to whatever sparks a great story that could take the reader somewhere memorable. He tries to develop characters and stories driven by logic and plausibility. He is the author of Broken Toy, A Man's Dream, A Company's Mystery, a biography of a man whose small company patented a toy mouse, Micky, two years before Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse.  The book was a major reference used for the PBS History Detectives program. He is the author of two works in the horror genre, The Godmanchester Stone and The Bed and Breakfast. He’s a member of the National Writers Association and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He holds a B. S. and an M.S. degree in physics, was nominated to the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society, holds a patent in design, and has authored physics and automotive engineering papers. When he’s not writing he dabbles in photography and video animation.

Here's the blurb for his latest release 'The Ninth Martini'
The Ninth Martini, is a Clancy-type thriller with the best of heroes and worst of the villains. When
hard-nosed Navy intelligence officer and former SEAL, Zack Hawkshaw, reluctantly agrees to use skills from an extinct CIA program for a mission, he has no idea he’ll be plunged into a race to save the world.  Zack agrees to one more field assignment and goes head-to-head with a man from an old secret KGB program who has Middle East connections, as well as the same skills Zack developed in the CIA Gondola program. Zack must discover if ex-KGB agent now Shiite, has warheads from a Russian SS-19 missile, and if so, the number and destination. Zack confronts the ex-KGB agent on the mental battlefield trying to stop the nuclear destruction of cities around the globe. You won’t know if he succeeds until the last tick of the clock!
 ... more than just a thriller
A Hero Needs Love:
Every hero needs his love and Zack is no different. But there are good reasons for including romantic relationships in a thriller.
Zack’s love is Marilee Morison a transplant to the Washington D.C. area from Tennessee. She’s a low-key lady working in a hustle-bustle metropolitan area of high traffic and electric politics. Marilee’s job in the story is hotel manager, but her job supporting the story is to be a source for emotional conflict, stress relief from the action, a mirror for our hero’s down-home happiness-searching side, and also to serve as an asset to escalate the crisis level when she is kidnapped by our evil antagonist. Through her love and vulnerability she helps Zack, already divorced once because of his CIA work, focus on what is important in his life, her.  
Now A Taste of Craig
Marilee answered the third ring. “Hello,” she said, sounding cautious.
“It’s Zack. I needed to call you.”
“I’m glad you did.”
“I had to hear your voice. I would love to come over but I can’t.” 
“You’re still working on that . . . that big thing.”
“I’m very sorry.”
“I sorry too. I know you do important things.”
“I’d love to be there holding you in my arms, kissing you, smelling your hair, and nibbling on your ear. I love you dearly. I want to marry you when this is all—”
“I love you too. When can you get free so you can do those things you just said?”
“Two or three days I’d guess.” He paused. “How was your day?”
“Need to hear something about you, something other than what I’m dealing with.”
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Pleasure to meet you, Craig!


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  2. Fantastic posting. Thank you much for the opportunity to tell a little bit about my story. I hope your readers find it as much fun as I had writing it. If anyone has any questions I'll be glad to answer them.