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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A warm welcome to Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Author

First, Marion shares with us a little about her life

Marion Webb-De Sisto was born and grew up in the UK, but spent many of her adult years in the US. She now lives with her American husband in the Greater London Area. This author enjoys creating tales of adventure and romance that are set in the world of angels and demons. She holds a keen interest in the Celestial Hierarchy, as well as in several Fantasy realms and other realities.
Marion has also written five non-fiction books. Two of them detail her contact with the spirit world, while two others give insights into the fascinating subject of crystals and crystal skulls. Another one shares information about the healing Bach Flower Remedies.
Her books have been placed more than once in Amazon’s top 100 sales rankings for specific subjects, e.g. Crystals, Channeling, Herbal Remedies, Fantasy Epic and Divination.

What a great achievment to reach Amazon's top 100!

And now a selection of Marion's books:
Samael’s Fall: Book One of the Angelic Chronicles
Meet the two angelic brothers, Samael and Seriel. One was the first and most radiant archangel, but is now falling from grace and becoming a dark soul. He’s handsome and charismatic, persuading many to follow him. The other is the loyal and courageous seventh archangel, who defends his brother even when he is betrayed by him. Both celestial siblings are rivals for Malkura’s affection, but she has only ever loved Samael. Now, that devotion is being destroyed by his cruel and devious nature. Will she turn to Seriel for comfort? This is a story of love and hate, angels and demons, goodness and evil. It is a contemporary and controversial portrayal of the heavenly realms.

Abbadon: Book Two of the Angelic Chronicles
It's hell when you're exiled to Abbadon and are separated from the one you love. This continuing Fantasy tale reacquaints the reader with the first and seventh archangels, Samael and Seriel. The banished brothers are outcasts, condemned to live in a dark and hellish place. They have only fallen angels, demons and a golden dragon for company. Both siblings are separated from their beloved Malkura, but Samael plots to bring her to him. Will she become a prisoner in his crystal palace or will Seriel act against his brother and rescue her? And which sibling will finally win Malkura’s love? Book Two is a tale of adventure, romance and treachery instigated by Samael a.k.a. the Devil
Take a look at Abbadon's wonderful trailer! link

Final Retribution: Book Three of the Angelic Chronicles

Life as the powerful ruler of Abbadon is becoming intolerable for Samael. The exiled archangel is lonely, embittered and bored. He has lost Malkura's love and even Seriel, his loyal brother, is gone from his side. Now, only fallen angels, demons and tormented humans are his constant companions. Yet into this hellish existence comes the beautiful and compassionate Angel Manah. Will she deny the increasing love she feels for this condemned soul, or can he persuade her to join him in endless damnation? This final book of the Fantasy trilogy explores the ultimate retribution of the archangel, who fell from grace and became the Devil. Is he, like Seriel, restored to his former glory or ruined for all of eternity?

Marion has written an impressive total of eight books,
all of which are avilable on Amazon 
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  1. Congratulations on having all three books out now, Maz! Go you!

  2. Thanks, Sassy. Of course, being a writerholic, I've already started on a new series. :-)