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Friday, 8 April 2011

Artica Lights series book One - Frozen - A Paranormal Erotic Romance

Groaning, Awni stood and stretched. Her muscles had tightened during the course of the meal. She picked up her glass and walked over to the balcony, but left the door closed. Brent wasn’t dressed for the outdoors.
“Come here, I want to show you something.”
Groaning, she guessed at his own stiff muscles, Brent got up and walked over to where she was. She pointed outside. 
“This is Artica. Isn’t she beautiful?”
Awni held her breath as he took in the view. For some reason, his answer was very important to her. She watched as his eyes widened and he looked out in amazement.
“I didn’t get to see any of this when I first got here, but it’s stunning. You have hills, and forests, and plenty of animals who seem to like the cold weather.”
She smiled. “Yes, this land has been blessed. Life thrives here, and the beauty is unspoiled. It is home.”

He turned to say something to her, but his jacket caught on a hook on the wall and, suddenly, he lost his footing. He fell forward and warm male flesh met her cold, deadly skin. Awni jerked away in horror, causing him to hit the ground hard, and waited for him to turn to ice. She waited…and waited.
Looking down at him as he rubbed his elbow, she gasped. “What in the world? You should be dead!”
Great hook, Kat!

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Thanks for  being here, Kat - I've really enjoyed getting to know you!
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  1. Hey Kat,
    Sounds like a great book, can't wait to read it.


  2. I've gotten a chance to review this book and am going to do so when you appear on my blog April 11th. You're a wonderful writer Kat. Don't ever quit.

  3. She is a very good writer and glad to see others who acknowledge it. Kudos, Kat.

  4. Very intriguing tease! Definitely adding to my list.


  5. Wow,

    Kat I love the blurb. I want more. I will have to buy this book. I love great paranormal. Awni sounds quite interesting.

    Wishing you much success in your writing.

    Teresa K.

  6. My lovely Kitty-Kat, you're writing is one of those that just grabs me and holds my attention, darn it. I've already told you how much I love the cover of Frozen but the excerpt was equally captivating. So, if this is a contest, and leaving a comment is what's needed to enter,'s mine. COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT.