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Friday, 27 May 2011

Excerpt from Resurrection Garden:

The Sheriff joined me in my contemplation of the body. It wasn’t pretty. Thor had never been handsome, and the ravages of being frozen under the snow for the winter and having birds and other animals picking away at the skin as the snow thawed and exposed the body made what was left of him downright disgusting.

                One thing was evident though. He didn’t die easy. Freezing to death is relatively painless. Wander out in the cold, get lost, fall asleep, and don’t wake up. That wasn’t what happened to Thor.

                “What do you think? Shotgun, maybe?” the sheriff asked.

                “At least,” I answered. The hole in his chest was big enough to put a fist through. “But why? He musta been dead already when he was shot.”

                “Yeah, first someone beat him to a bloody pulp then gutted him and slashed his throat. And then shot him. Ain’t that what you said, Doc.”

                “Looks that way to me,” Doc answered. “Can’t tell you much more until he thaws out all the way.”

                “Somebody wanted him deader than dead.” The sheriff shook his head.

                “Takes some hate to do all that,” Doc commented. “Got any suspects?”

                Doc and the Sheriff both turned to face me.

                I let out a deep sigh. “I suppose you want me to find out what happened to him.”

                “Seems as how you should. After all, you found him, and you’re my deputy up there,” the Sheriff answered.

                I stared at Thor and wondered when I would be able to sit down.

                Doc came up behind us and commented, “Jake, you might ought to get some new britches or something. You’re hanging out your back end. Probably scare the ladies and kids if you went out in public like that.”

                I reached around and felt bare skin crisscrossed with stitches. “Damn, just got these new this Christmas.”

                “I’m sure one of the widow ladies you’ve been helping out will be happy to lend you some spare pants.” Doc grinned. “And I’m sure these new scars will get you lots of sympathy and special care.”

                “Speaking of widows,” the Sheriff interjected. “You’ll need to tell Mrs. Thorsgaard we found her husband.”

                And that’s when the real pain started.
Great hook!

As most good mysteries do, this one begins with a dead body. The big difference is this tale is set in 1904 and starts in North Central North Dakota, making it an historical western mystery. Before I tell much more, I have to say I loved everything about this story. Deputy Jake Turner is a reluctant hero, a single man who knows something is missing in his life despite his faithful horse, dog and cat. Marilyn's Musings Review -  READ FULL REVIEW

I found myself enthralled with this tale. The mystery was well developed and had a very satisfying resolution...Mr. Scully's writing style was spare and perfectly suited the tale and time in which it was set. The characters were well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. Broken Teepee Reviews...READ FULL REVIEW

We find tales and lives woven together in the small town and it is all written beautifully.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel down to the last sentence... The One Hundred Romances Project 4 Stars...READ FULL REVIEW

Written in a style somewhat reminiscent of Zane Grey, RESURRECTION GARDEN gathers momentum like an old steam train, until you reach a point where you can’t put it down without finishing it. Pat Dale - Multi-published author Highly Recommended - READ FULL REVIEW
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