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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Warm Welcome to Angelika Devlyn
Fantasy Erotic Writer and much more besides...

British born Angelika Devlyn, as her pseudonym suggests, is half a shy, angelic soul and half a naughty little devil. Her good side writes reviews and blogs, and her devilish alter ego writes her own hot, sexy books. Black Ice is her debut book, a high fantasy erotic romp. The little imp is currently working on new volumes in The Dark Kingdom Chronicles series.

And here's Angelika's brilliant debut novelBlack Ice
Book One of The Dark Kingdom Chronicles Series
by Angelika Devlyn            

After a serious car accident Ronnie awakens to find herself restrained, at the mercy of a stranger calling himself her ‘Protector.’  Theo, a Destaurian Guard, is part of an Order dedicated to the protection of the Magic Box of Destiny, a time portal once controlled by an ancient family of witches called the Pandoras.
Ronnie is drawn into Theo’s world, now a Child of Destiny, central to the Destaurians’ plans to thwart mankind’s destruction through the release of the perils of the Box into the world. Theo convinces her she must retrieve the Box before the witches’ power increases.
But the Child of Destiny must also fulfil the Council’s dictate to join with Theo as one, and breed to guarantee the safety of the Goddess within her – Theo’s first love. For years unaware of the protection afforded to her, Ronnie must now help save the world from chaos, and seemingly has no choice, but to obey...
Copyright © Angelika Devlyn.
All rights reserved, Chimera Books, UK                                

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Angelika says:

Yes I am a huge fan of Goodreads -- check out my Author page here:
Read about the book Black Ice here:
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Thank you.
Hugs Angel XX

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  1. Thank you very much for having me here, Megan! *Excited*

    I'd like to offer anyone who leaves a comment for me a chance to win my book Black Ice, the first in the series. (PDF).

    To be entered, please either leave your email address or make sure your profile shows a way of contacting you, should you win!

    Good luck :)



  2. Your book sounds fantastic...Wishing you all the best....

  3. I've read "Black Ice" and it is fantastic! Can't wait for the next book in the series. Also, am looking forward to Angelika's interview tomorrow. Thanks for presenting Angelika to us, Megan. :-)

  4. Thank you, Savannah!

    Lovely to see you here.



  5. Thank you for popping by, Michael!

    Such kind words. :D

    Good to see you here, too.



  6. You are a fascinating Loved the excerpt. Megan...once again thank you for hosting Angelika. Is there anything she can't do? Oh yes...cook. That's why all those lovely restaurants are out there.