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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Unleashed - Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road

To quote publisher CLAYTON BYE, ' We took away the rules and let them write what the hell they liked.'

Who better to introduce the anthology than the editors themselves?
The anthology is the brain child of Sassy Brit, founder of, a successful writers group on Yahoo. On her site, ‘anything goes’ when it comes to writing and promoting authors and books - a philosophy reflected in the anthology.
Sassy is spearheading the
Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Project.

I asked her what inspired her to embark on this exciting venture?
I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to promote the authors frequenting my life through my review and book promotion site, and I've been secretly mulling over gathering a few of their short stories together for quite a while, but publishing is not my area of expertise and I had no idea of how to go about it. I just knew it was something I wanted to do. Then I just happened to mention this in passing to Clayton and here we are. I'm eternally grateful for Clayton's enthusiasm (and patience!) for this project, because without him I would never have got this thought out of my head.
How would you describe the Anthology?
A fantastic showcase of some of our AR author members' talent. Not only are our authors stories alternative in style, we've been a little unorthodox with our 'rule wrecking' ideas and mixed a whole range of genres together. It is an adult book, as there is erotica and spanking within, but we have also included tales full of blood and gore, a space opera, and even a story suitable for young adults. Personally, as a reviewer I have many tastes in books, and in the blogosphere world I know many 'adults' who love to pick up a good young adult book, or jump from erotica to horror, so I am hoping I may be able to bring a new reading experience to some of our readers. We've also kept each author's story true to their own voice and style, and not changed everything to British English. It's definitely what I would class as an alternative read and as our saying goes, we're proud to be different. It's how I love to work, and a great representation of daring to be different, which fits my review site's ethos spectacularly,
What makes it so unique?
These authors are the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road. Maybe, in the hard and fast rules of the fat-cat publishing world, this wouldn't be allowed, but being different and standing out from the crowd has always been my major focus for my authors and readers with my aptly named site, Alternative- Read, so why should this book be any different?
Plus there's a rather nice cover, too. Even if I do say so myself. It features that gorgeous Jimmy Thomas and the beautiful rather busty beauty, whose name escapes me right now, sorry! 
What's been the strangest thing that has happened to you, while you have worked on this book?
Well, as I was designing the cover, I found I was spending a lot of time working in Photoshop on the aforementioned busty beauty's left boob. *Rolls eyes* Please allow me to explain. The shade of the photo combined with the way her costume lifted up her voluminous breasts made one of them look quite bizarre. Distractingly so, at times. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but my suspicions were confirmed when I had several people emailing about 'that woman's tit' and I had to blend it in and calm it down, for the sake of everyone's sanity. LOLI f only she knew how I covered up her modesty!
  Clayton C. Bye is the owner of  Chase Enterprises Publishing. He is both producing and editing  the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Project.
Clayton is also a business consultant and writer with many non-fiction books to his credit.One of his best books, Bare Knuckle MBA, deals with how to start a business of your own. He also offers training for various businesses, teaching them how to improve their operations and increase their profits.     


I asked Clayton what was his inspiration in starting up this project? 

When Sassy Brit tossed out the idea of  associate authors at her site getting together for an Anthology of their short stories, I said to myself, "Self, there's your next book - and it was!"
How would you describe the Anthology?
The Anthology is all about studying people in difficult situations, something every good writer loves to do. But the defining difference  in our collection (18 stories by 15 authors) is that each writer was  challenged to write a short story which would provide their readers  with something beyond the norm, something truly different - then we  set those writers free to write anything they damn well liked.  I  have (I hope) enhanced this experiment by editing for readability  and leaving content alone.

Is the book aimed at a particular market?
No, but that may not remain case. Allow me to explain. You will have  noticed the front cover of our anthology cries out "Adult Only." As  many of our authors write in the erotic romance genre, it was always  understood we would include a number of erotic stories, which will,  of course, impact on other markets.  Yet we also have crime, horror,  suspense, murder, maniacs and craniacs, paranormal, post-war,  pre-war and space war, not to mention apocalyptic and   post-apocalyptic stories, a few tales which involve modern,  complicated women and even a literary tale or two. So, to get back  to your question... I've been wondering, as of late, how the erotic  romance market would respond to having some great short stories   mixed in with their romance.

What do you think are its outstanding attributes?
The authors, of course. Every author in this anthology submitted "never before published" work. And it is all fine work, even the stories we rejected. I know many of these authors; they are passionate, committed and professional; whatever else they do in  their lives, these people live to write.  And I can't say I know of  any other group, with so much freewheeling talent, that has been allowed to put forward any story they wished. But then, these are Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road.

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  2. his is a great post, Megan.

    You describe the anthology so much better than I have done--even though you used my words and Sassy's words to do it.

    You have so much talent I want to make sure your readers know that you have two stories in Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road. Both deal with modern women who have complex needs.

    I'm certain Megan will direct you to where you can pick up your copy of this entertaining book.

  3. I think anthologies are a great way of finding new authors and getting a sense of their voice. I'm glad you're venturing into new territory and hope you have a fun tour :)


  4. Things seem to be running a mite slow today, but they'll pick up soon. Great post, Megan.

  5. Hi Clayton!
    Thanks to you and Sassy for coming up with this great idea.
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  6. Fascinating blog, Megan. You've done a super job of describing the anthology. Your two stories in it are great. :-)

  7. Fantastic darling Megan! I love this entire group. Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road got it Right(Write) this time!

  8. Hi Maz and Karen! It's such an exciting project with such great authors, all of whom I'm featuring tomorrow.

  9. So pleased to be part of this all, you are all a great bunch, and I'm meeting lots of new people!

    Fun post! :D



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