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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who are the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road?

Those most dangerous  rule-wreckers from 'We took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked.'

Publisher Clayton Bye says: I know many of these authors; they are passionate, committed and professional; whatever else they do in  their lives, these people live to write
Editor and site owner Sassy Brit says: Being different and standing out from the crowd has always been my major focus for my authors and readers with my aptly named site, Alternative-
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Lucille P Robinson, author of SHORT  STORIES THAT KILL TIME  has written HOLD UP, in which a rapist learns  why crime doesn’t pay. Will he survive this lesson? In a second  story, Lucille offers us MAN SLAUGHTER: a woman accused of killing three  family members may not be guilty. Read the Book.
 Angelika Devlyn, author of Black  Ice: The Training Ground(The Dark Kingdom Chronicles) Book One  has offered us JUDGMENT DAY, in which an injured woman  falls into the hands of a psychic psychopath. Read the book.

Elizabeth Coldwell, author of HIS has written FOR ART’S SAKE, in which the reader learns just what Danni is prepared to do for art’s sake. Read the book.

Nathan L. Yocum, author of The Zona has written SIMON SEEKS... “You gotta find someone, go to    Simon Craig, but don’t get on his bad side.” Read the book.
Tim Fleming, author of Murder of an American Nazi has written THE BAREFOOT HERO, in which a grieving man stumbles upon a remarkable form of heroism. Read the book.

Megan Johns, author of The Path of Innocence has written THE JOURNEY, in which a complex woman—wife and    mother, has a most surprising secret. Then, zeroing in on a more    specific audience, Megan writes A NEW LEAF, "For real women who    understand life is not clear-cut." Read the book.

Casey Wolf, author of Finding  Creatures & OtherStories  and first-time author Päivi Kuosmanen co-authored
TRIONA’S BEANS, in which a teenage girl  saves a world between first and last dinner call. Casey also wrote  two other stories for the anthology: CENOTAPH, in which an angry  young man learns what enduring commitment and duty means, and   PRONGHORNS, where you'll discover that Sylvia should have paid attention to her memory of the Pronghorns. Read the Book

Mike Brecon, author of A Dangerous Remedy has written THE MEAL, in which reality TV is at its    ugliest and most brazen. Then he goes on to tell us a dark, sad story called FRAME OF REFERENCE, which is about the way we see things and the way we don't. Read the book.
Karen Cote, author of Erotic  Deception who has never tried writing horror, bravely  offers us the raw and disturbing
SEVEN DEADLY SINS. This is a great  read about a unique serial killer who won’t stop until there are  seven to forgive his own sins. Read the book.

John B. Rosenman, author of several speculative fiction novels and at least 150 published short  stories (and a few poems), is an active member of HWA (Horror Writers Association) and SFWA (Science Fiction Writer's Association)  and has been a guest at both Sci-Con and Balticon. For two years    (1998-1999), he was Chairman of the Board of HWA. John has written THE SMILE IN HER EYES, a story that  asks the question, "Can a young girl and an old man find love in an    intolerant society?" Read the book.
Tonya Moore, author of Blood  Binds has written SLUMFAIRY, in which a jaded mercenary    is enlightened by her strange world. Read the book.

Kit St. Germain, author of the novel The Thirteenth Fairy
 (Amazon) and a number of short stories like As He Was (Strange Horizons), also happens to be Tabitha St. Germain,  an award-winning stage and radio actress who has become one of the  foremost female voice over talents in North America. Tabitha's alter  ego, Kit, has written TAKE TWO, which is post-apocalyptic  humour with an edge. Read the book.

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Marion Webb-De Sisto, author of Samael's Fall: The Angelic Chronicles has written the novella MALPAS, in which her  invisible and insatiable dream lover wants things his way. Not  likely! Read the book.

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  1. Gotta LOVE your passion. Thank you for working so hard to promote the publication and your fellow authors.

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    Clayton Bye
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  2. I would say some rules are meant to be broken. I think in writing a drive for the work and a great attitude can go a long way.

    In your story, I like that Fiona and Roger are different from another and because of this they can offer something new to the relationship.It sounds like I'll be rooting for these two on their adventure.


  3. Hi Clayton and Na,
    Thanks for dropping by. Isn't the line up of stories great?

  4. Nicely done, Megan. I look forward to reading your story.

  5. All of the stories in the anthology sound really intriguing.

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  6. Congratulations,Na! Your name has been drawn to win a copy of my ebook 'The Path of Innocence'